1. Angelina

From the recording Hibernation Termination

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You got yourself in the game, it doesn't mean you won't blow it
You had a plan all along, but half the time you don't show it
I guess it's better than nothin'. If nothing ever seemed better
So, go and hid when you cry if you don't want me to know it
You're just fine when you're livin' the hard life
But in the end you got nothin' to show

Angelina, you're the reason, with everything you've done
You got no right to fight it
There's still time for an alibi, but you'll never win like that
Angelina, you're the reason

Instead of waiting in line, why don't you go our and get it
That smile may be enough but we all find it patheticThat's why it sucks to be sober. You have to wake up and face itYou can't hide what's inside, we'll never let you forget it
You got friends that are livin' the same way
But in the end they got nothin' to show