From the recording Hibernation Termination

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(So) no one’s got their own opinion
They just quote the lines
And there’s nothing said that’s worth repeating
The pattern that they all get cut to
Will keep ‘em in the game
Make ‘em tight and young, to fake the feeling
What their cover-up can’t hide
They keep that tucked away inside

It’s a better off crowd than the one you’ve got now
And you’d like to be, where everything comes easy
It’s a better off crowd, in a better off town
Where they never see exactly what they’re missing

It’s everything they’ve ever wanted
And nothing that they need
So they dress it up. Make sure it looks right
They brag about their monthly meltdown Like it’s the price they pay
And they’re proud to have it hit the headline
What’s kept hidden in disguise
While they memorize their lines