1. Dunebuggy

From the recording Hibernation Termination

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You got to feel it now
C’mon a little closer let me show you how Just listen uhh
Don’t wanna talk right now
I just wanna have your body, touch it up and down. Just give it up
It’s not about, It’s not about love it’s all about

Show me your back I’ll be your master And if you wanna slow down I’ll go faster and faster
Gonna drive you in the bedroom
I’ll be your Dunebuggy
Don’t lose your head, girl, we’ll be flyin’ And if you wanna find out I’m gonna show who’s drivin
Wanna ride you ‘round the bedroom
I’ll be your Dunebuggy

Gonna push it now
Gonna touch your body, gonna lay you down. Just do it uhh
So bump your hips around
Wanna get you movin’, slidin’ up and down. To feel it uhh

I got the feel
Behind the wheel
You get the shotgun I’m gonna drive it, drive it, drive it, drive it