1. Grudge
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Stop. Take it easy.
Just talk this through
We'll think this over
You said and then you pushed me out the door
Now I can hear you laughing
Your perfect timing, right at the bell
Down on the floor now
Waiting for the ref to count em out
And stop the beatin'

You're my last grudgeI won't let go of this one yet
Your my last grudgeI won't forgive you to forget
Your my last grudge and now I've wasted all my time
Your my last grudgeNow I leave you far behind

You pick up the bones now.
Clean up the scene
You hide all your secrets
But I came in before the news got out
Now I can hear you screamin'
What was in front of me is now so far behind
Does getting older mean and I've wasted all my timeI just wanted her to miss meBut then she turned and through it right back in my face