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I gotta make my getaway from you
I hit the highway and drive the whole night through
Ninety miles an hour is what I need
I just push the red and the music scream
And I find when I drive, I don't need to be there with you. I come alive when I pull away
I can't stand all the foolish things you do
You don't seem to care about anything but you
But you never set your hooks in me
Behind the wheel is where I'm finally free
And I find every time that you try to get close to me. I'll find a reason just to get away

I turn the key and it's life in overdrive
Gotta leave it all behind and find my way back to what I know
You stole a piece of me
I'll leave it here with you, but when I go
I'll turn the key and it's life in overdrive

You can try to keep me here with you
You can wall me in, I'm gonna blow right through
I drive like there's somewhere I should be
Lights cut the night and freedom's all I see