From the recording Superbitch

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I’m taking off into overdrive.
Angelina is still alive. She is right here, and I am right here.
Other people get left behind.
Used up and set aside. If it’s over, then I guess it’s over.
You’re out, I know But I’m not letting go I told you So if you think you got me down.

You’re never getting me out of here
Cuz I’m a sucker for money
You’ll never keep me away again
Cuz I’m a sucker for money

I’m coming back to wipe away another knock on another day
And it’s alright if you think it’s alright
And in the afterglow tonight, another weekend socialite
Taking faithful to the firelight
It’s not too late
And I might hate what’s going on here But you never knocked me down


This ain’t no two year blues
I got a little bit more I can get into