1. The Coronation

From the recording Power Petting

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Everybody’s always comin’ at me, like
We can be what we wanted to be, but
I don’t like it, I don’t like it

I know you’re colorized
Brushed up and redefined
You laid it out tonight like it’s something
No matter what you do,
You’re gonna see it through
We’ll buy the better you completely

Take a look at me
I am royalty
I will be your guide.
I’ll keep you satisfied
Gather ‘round and see
The small town majesty
Will entertain you for a little while

Everybody keeps comin’ around sayin’
We can look like we’re knockin’ it out, but
I don’t need it. I don’t need it

You know what’s best for you
Maybe you’re overdue
It doesn’t matter if it’s true, this is your time
Make it pretty, make it tight
Make sure the light is right
You’re finally justified in your mind